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Our Efforts For The AWWIN Professional Development Leadership Has Been Rolled Into Our New & Innovative Program ACAPP and Our Partnership With ECONNECT Of The United Way Of Effingham County!

AWWIN Is Pleased To Announce Our Expansion To Effingham County Where We Have Partnered With ECONNECT Of The Untied Way Of Effingham County And We Are Offering A New Monthly Series Of Workshops Entitled The AWWIN ABC---123 Resume Writing And Workplace Etiquette In Effingham County, The Workshop Culminates With Mock Interviews Conducted By Local Professionals of Effingham And Chatham Counties.

To Find Out More Information About The Workshops And More About Eligibility Please Call Destiny Bradshaw At 912-295-2148

Some of our clients have received employment with such agencies as:
Chatham County Board Of Education
Department of Juvenile Justice
My Brothaz Home, Mary Jackson started here as a receptionist and is now the office manager

Some of our clients have/or are attending such institutions as:
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Ogeechee Technical College
Altamaha Technical College
Virginia Clark, after attending the APD classes went on to receive a Bachelors Degree from Cambridge University & her Masters form Savannah State University.

Financial Assistance

Due to our funding AWWIN can only assist our APD clients with emergency housing stipends, utility stipends, food vouchers and transportation stipends. There are very few exceptions to this rule. Contact us for more information.

AWWIN Testimonials

Henrietta Williams worked for the Board of Education for 16 years as a paraprofessional. After graduating from AWWIN Professional Development, she secured a job with the Department of Juvenile Justice as the Unit Secretary (PA) and has received two subsequent promotions. During her employment, Henrietta’s diabetes caused her to take time off her work without pay. AWWIN stepped in again to assist Ms. Williams as she lost her apartment she lived in for 17 years and assisted her with getting back on her feet. AWWIN also provided childcare to Ms. Williams’ daughter Raven while Ms Williams participated in the AWWIN course. Raven has graduated from Jenkins High School (2011) and will go off to college this fall.
Henrietta earned her Bachelor's Degree in 2013 and is now working on her Master's Degree at St. Leo University in Savannah, Georgia.

Mary Jackson was placed at My Brothaz Home as a receptionist as a result of the collaboration of AWWIN and a local temporary agency. Ms Jackson is now the office manager and attending Savannah Technical College, where she is seeking a degree in Accounting. Mary purchased her first home in 2010.
Deirdra Murray, 2008 graduate of the AWWIN Professional Development Course: "Attending the [AWWIN Professional Development] class has had a profound effect on my life. I find that I’m more ambitious and have new found confidence. I’ll give you an example of an instance that has made me more confident. Speaking in front of an audience was something I’ve never liked to do, but I had to overcome that fear when I was chosen to give the welcome at the 2008 Annual Awards Gala. I was able to give the welcome confidently by using some of the tools that were taught in the class such as “Vocabulary Increase” which increases your knowledge of words and how to use them in a sentence correctly.

There were also speakers that came in to talk with us about mortgages, credit scores and finances just to name a few of the subjects. The class is not just about academics, but also about enlightening you on ways to improve your standard of living.

Sarahlyn Argrow is a remarkable person and worthy of being emulated. The vision she had of reaching back to help another woman in need is extraordinary and something not everyone would be willing to do…My life has forever been changed for the better. "

Vanessa Hall entered the AWWIN Professional Development as an unemployed woman trying to reenter the work place. While in the AWWIN program, she was placed at Alpha Financial Management Group, which knew of the AWWIN’s work and sought to employ a woman from the AWWIN Professional Development program.

Help a Woman in Need

Your donations are very important to AWWIN and its mission. Without the generosity of individuals like yourself and local businesses, AWWIN, Inc would not be able to provide services to single working women and their children in our communities. Because of your support AWWIN has broken barriers such as lack of education and job training from the lives of women and children in our communities. We appreciate your past donations and ask for your continued support in the future. Learn more ...

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