Dancing The Word Assists With Childcare Stipends

MOJA Dancing The Word
Dance Program

More than 80 students danced, sang and acted for the Savannah community through a partnership between MOJA Dance studio and Assisting Working Women in Need, Inc. (AWWIN).

AWWIN presented their first client with a $350.00 check on Saturday, June 9. Ms Allen was elated to receive the much needed support to assist her with childcare needs.

Help a Woman in Need

Your donations are very important to AWWIN and its mission. Without the generosity of individuals like yourself and local businesses, AWWIN, Inc would not be able to provide services to single working women and their children in our communities. Because of your support AWWIN has broken barriers such as lack of education and job training from the lives of women and children in our communities. We appreciate your past donations and ask for your continued support in the future. Learn more ...

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